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I was on my way home from work, approximately 3 blocks from home.  I had the right away, no stop signs or traffic lights.  I was crossing a street in which did have a stop sign.  The vehicle that ran the stop sign was exceeding the speed limit.  It was a young teenage girl around 19 years old who did not have her head lights on.  She ran the stop sign and broad sided me the her vehicle spun around and hit my vehicle again. I remember being dazed but able to walk around.  My husband was walking in the field to the right of the road.  My vehicle was pushed toward him. He had to jump out of the way to avoid  being hit.  I went to the 24 hour clinic.  By the time I was seen my back and neck was in excruciating pain. Well now more than two years later, I have already had surgery on my neck.  I am a candidate for surgery on my lower back.  I am in pain constantly.  I can stand for about 15 minutes at a time, walk maybe a half of a block on a good day.  I experienced brain injuries in which my thought process is effected and my memory is very poor.  I have trouble retaining anything. Before the accident I was a secondary school English Literature teacher. 

Not only did I suffer the impact of this accident, but my three children and husband have also experienced great losses as well, taking care of me during the first period has taken its toll on them, I try to remain optimistic, but it is difficult sometimes.I am now looking for a carer that is constant and precise to help me with the house work and takes me to my therapy sessions and back.

I now use a mobility scooter to move about and go out of the house so I can still do some things for myself, but there are times when the pain is excruciating.

I have enrolled into positive thinking classes but it will take time before I'll be able to see some results.

In order to fill my time and avoid give in to sadness, I've started painting, I am not very good but at least is fun.

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