St John's Community Center


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No. of workers booked89
No. of bookings550
Hours booked3,088 hours
Date joined this systemDec 05, 2005
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Our main building


St John’s has been serving the people of LA County since the 1930’s. We are now in new premises with ample parking.

We treat our service users as family, welcoming their relatives, their pets and their enthusiasms. There is a robust program of physical activities on offer each day of the week.

Everyone is welcome to have their pets come along. This makes us unusual among local facilities.

As well as our core staff we have a pool of inducted local flexi-colleagues. After the induction session we treat anyone booked through this system as part of the community with periodic feedback and review sessions.

Many of our flexi-colleagues have regular bookings with us, some have been rolling for years. When we have a staff vacancy our rated flexi-colleagues are always the first place we look. If you might be available for steady hours do make sure that is marked in your profile in this system.

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