Gerald Menstese

Ref: STEVE0002

Activity in this system
No. of clients 6
No. of bookings17
Hours sold 81 hours 40 minutes


Based in ZIP Code 91745, willing to work within 8.0 miles guide map


Willmore Workers' Co-op


A well mannered, articulate and conscientious person who is able to converse in a polite and courteous manner. Having a sympathetic attitude and able to listen attentively at all times. Can contribute extensively to team work and always displaying a willing and helpful manner. Possessing excellent inter-personal and communication skills and is approachable, cheerful and friendly. Fully aware of the needs of a contemporary and diverse / multicultural society.

Work History

Personal Statement

Being a hardworking, self-motivated and organised individual, I enjoy a challenging role and working with people of all ages. I am confident working alone using my own initiative and I have also have experience of working as part of  a team. Having an organised mind ensures I am always punctual and efficient in my work. I am keen to learn new skills and willing to undertake further training.

Employment History

Probe (EASTLEIGH) Limited

General Manager

<b>1990 to Date</b>



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FIRST AID Gita Morrison Oct 11, 2012: 5:48 PM

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