Jane Hilderbrand

Ref: WA1WR905

Activity in this system
No. of customers 5
No. of bookings35
Hours sold 192 hours 30 minutes
Temporary work outside this system
No. of customers 4
No. of bookings 150
Hours sold 500


Based in ZIP Code 90022, willing to work within 50.0 miles guide map


Willmore Workers' Co-op

They say...

Jane is a dedicated carer with a real interest in advancing towards a Masters in Social Care.


I've been a support worker for 2 years. I've been working with the local mental health centre. I've always enjoyed making an impact on the lives of others even in the most dramatic circumstances. Before starting off in this field, right after my GCSEs, I went travelling which took me to South Africa. Here, I accidentally started helping out in a local mission. When I returned to the UK I knew what I wanted to do.

Work History



Bachelor's degree - Social Science and Care at St John’s University

A level in Health care and social development

GCSEs in Math, English, German, History, Geography, Literature, RE

Employment History

Residential Social Worker Support for Adults

Working with this group will often involve helping the client to develop daily living skills such as budgeting, shopping, and claiming benefits. These clients are likely to need encouragement to create and maintain social and personal relationships, which may be through involvement in the wider community and participation in leisure activities.


Credentials Tags Self-approved

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