Gareth Maleston

Ref: WA1LA906

Activity in this system
No. of clients 17
No. of bookings63
Hours sold 248 hours 20 minutes


Based in ZIP Code 91745, willing to work within 800.0 miles guide map


Willmore Workers' Co-op


I became a live-in carer for my landlady. I shared the house with her. She had no family and when she got ill I slowly started helping her until she was unable to take care of herself any more. Before that, I was a store assistant manager but it was never a job I enjoyed. I have known my landlady for the past 12 years as she was a family friend. Her condition has improved considerably over the last 2 years and I now have more free time. I have no real professional knowledge that can be related to the care field other than the online courses I have been taking to give myself better knowledge and understanding of care and support.

Work History

Work Experience

The Book Store – Assistant manager


Taking care of Mrs. Lewis



GCSEs in Math, English, History, Science, Geography, Literature

A level in business studies at Richmond Sixth Form

Hnc in Accountancy

Adult care management online courses


Credentials Tags Self-approved

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