Contacting market users

We want to help you build connections in this market. This can be helpful, for example, in developing your career or for businesses that want to pool training resources.


How it works

Partners of Willmore Workers' Co-op can have their details displayed to different levels of users within this system. This can include general viewers who are not logged-in. If a user you are seeking is not displayed it is because their settings do not permit display of their general details to you.

Willmore Workers' Co-op and any partner agencies decide if they are willing to allow contact through these pages. Sometimes it will be possible to directly email a client or work-seeker. At other times you will have to go through their agency.

How to use these screens

Some reasons to contact a client:
  • To suggest they might book you in future if you are clearly local and have the skills mix or experience they are likely to value.
  • For small businesses: To form a joint initiative, for example a group of guesthouses could ask their agency to create a shared Role for "Room attendant" that met their specifications and could jointly train a pool of qualifying local work-seekers for that Role.
Some reasons to contact a work-seeker:
  • To offer a job, our screens specifically show those seeking long-term positions.
  • To form an informal support network among work-seekers in a local area doing similar bookings or with similar interests. This may be helpful, for example, in arranging shared childcare or jointly studying for additional skills.


Users displayed in these pages are to be approached singly and only where there is likely to be genuine interest. Extensive use of cut-and-paste text or bulk approaches can result in your suspension from this market.

Specific rules:

  • Your email address will be revealed to the user and to Willmore Workers' Co-op.
  • Only send short messages, 5-6 sentences at most without attachments.
  • If there is no reply, do not pursue the user any further.
  • Messages should be relevant to the recipient and strictly related only to their activity in this market.